Facebook recommends holding off HTC First’s U.K. launch: EE

UK network provider EE has confirmed that Facebook has indefinitely delayed the plans to launch the HTC First, aka the Facebook phone, in the U. K. market as Facebook is giving a facelift to its Home software.

EE, the mobile phone carrier that was to carry the phone exclusively, has also confirmed that that the pre-orders for the phone are being refunded.

The carrier added that the decision to focus on adding new customization features to Home and indefinitely delay the plans to launch the Facebook Phone in the U. K. was taken by Facebook following customer feedback.

Facebook decides not to bring HTC First to the UK

The HTC First, the Android-based customized Facebook phone, will reportedly not be sold in the UK.

According to Engadget and others, UK network provider EE, one of the HTC's carrier partners in Europe, has confirmed that it would not sold the so-called Facebook Phone in the UK as Facebook was looking to enhance the Facebook Home experience's customization features before the phone's availability on the right hand side of the Atlantic.

Facebook blocks access to Path’s “Find Friends”

Social-networking site Facebook has reportedly blocked Path’s "Find Friends," disabling users from searching for friends.

TechCrunch reported that access to Find Friends was restricted after San Francisco-based Path updated its smartphone app on Friday last week.

While Facebook didn’t say anything about blocking access to Path’s Find Friends service, TechCrunch said that the access might have restricted due to a recent spamming mishap in which the app flooded address book contacts of users with invites.

Facebook acquires mobile app startup Parse

Social-networking giant on Thursday announced its latest acquisition - Parse, a provider of cloud-based mobile services and development tools.

Facebook said the acquisition would enable it to provide developers with back-end infrastructure to rapidly create apps spanning mobile platforms and devices.

Douglas Purdy, director of product management at Facebook, said, "By making Parse a part of Facebook Platform, we want to enable developers to rapidly build apps that span mobile platforms and devices."

Facebook hires fired Apple executive

Social-networking giant Facebook has reportedly hired Richard Williamson, who was fired by his former employer Apple in 2011.

Emerging reports suggest that Mr. Williamson will serve Facebook as part of its mobile-software group. However, the social-networking site hasn't confirmed the reports.

Mr. Williamson was a member of the Apple team that created the original iPhone, which took the world by storm. But, he is better known for being the poor performance of Apple's original Maps service.

Facebook’s rise in mobile ad segment a big threat to Google’s dominance: IDC

Social-networking site Facebook's mobile ads have become a big threat to Google Inc's dominance in the segment, research firm IDC said in its latest report.

IDC said that Facebook is leading rival mobile publishers like Pandora and Twitter, in the mobile display advertising market in the United States. The research firm added that Facebook even outpaced Google in mobile adverting in the United States.

Facebook phone expected on coming Thursday

Facebook, the world's most popular social-networking site, is widely expected to unveil a smartphone specially designed for its social network during a special event scheduled for the coming Thursday.

The social-networking giant recently sent out invites to the media persons, requesting "Come See Our New Home on Android" during an event scheduled for April 4.

While the company didn't provide any details about the product to be unveiled at the event, media reports suggest that it will be a smartphone designed for the social network. The phone will reportedly be manufactured by HTC.

Facebook 'likes' can predict your personality

Your Facebook `likes' can predict your personality, a study by Cambridge University researchers revealed.

The researchers analyzed around 58,000 volunteers who provided their Facebook "likes," demographic information as well as psychometric testing results that were designed to underscore their personality traits. They fed volunteers' Facebook likes into algorithms and matched the information with their personality tests.

The researchers were surprised to find that they were able to paint volunteers' accurate personality portraits with the help of Facebook likes.

Facebook’s effort to put video ads in News Feed may annoy users

Various sources suggested over the past few months that Facebook is preparing to introduce video ads in News Feed, but many believe that it would not be easy for the social-networking giant to put the video ads without angering users.

Last month, Hillside Partners analyst Rory Maher reported that Facebook was beta testing a video ad product, which would automatically start playing in News feed and would max out at 15 seconds.

Facebook settles class action lawsuit for $20 million

According to reports, social networking giant Facebook has worked out a $20 million settlement in a class action lawsuit, which stemmed from the company's move to place users' pictures in sponsored story ads on the basis of things they had "Liked."

The class action lawsuit was filed against Facebook after the move initiated by the social network was criticized, largely because of the fact that things "Liked" by the users were, in most cases, taken out of context.


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