What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

Flight cancellation happens more often than you think, due to several reasons.

Carolyn McCall's Plans For the Future

Just after the budget airline releases its final results tomorrow, all attention would be shifted from easyJet's 15th birthday to the Chief Executive Carolyn McCall's plans for the future.

She is due to give an outline of her strategy for the future. A deal has been struck between the two parties which is said to have created great confusion in the beginning.

A recent row with easyJet's founder, Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou has been resolved and hence the Company will now not be asked to change its branding.

Ryanair to pay damages to easyJet

The Irish accounts maintained airline Ryanair expressed on Thursday that it has nodded to shell out to make slander damages to the originator of competing carrier easyJet for fallaciously blaming him of stifling the reports regarding the company's performance.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou of easyJet has taken legal action against Ryanair as the ads which blamed him of obstructing the publication of weekly reports on easyJet's on-time concert. The ad, that depicted Stelios with as a snob, reiterated him to stop lying.

EasyJet to install ash-detectors on planes

Luton-based budget airline Easyjet has announced that it would fit its planes with radars that can detect volcanic ash clouds to avoid future airspace closures. The new technology, AVOID (Airborne Volcanic Object Identifier & Detector), will make use of infrared beams to detect ash particles in the air. It will help pilots to know whether to fly or not.

Icelandic volcano eruption hits Easyjet and Tui Travel hard

Budget airline EasyJet has downgraded full-year forecast because of the disruptions it had to face last month due to Icelandic volcano.

The company said that flight cancellations forced by volcano ash clouds in April would cost it between 50 million pounds and 75 million pounds. It downgraded full-year forecast from between 175 million pounds and 200 million pounds to between 100 million pounds and 150 million pounds.

EasyJet shares slide as UBS downgrades carrier from "buy" to "neutral"

Shares in EasyJet slipped after the investment bank UBS downgraded the carrier from "buy" to "neutral", citing valuation grounds.

The UBS said that over the past 12-month period shares in EasyJet outperformed Ryanair shares by more than 25 per cent. Moreover, EasyJet surpassed Ryanair by more than 10 per cent since the start of current year.

Shares in British low-cost airline were trading at 407.5 pence, down 4.5 pence-a-share. Shares in Ryanair were trading flat at €3.45 in Dublin.