Cisco to invest $1bn to expand cloud business globally

Networking solutions provider Cisco on Tuesday announced its decision to invest more than $1 billion over the next two years to expand its cloud business globally.

Cisco wants to build the world's biggest global Intercloud (network of clouds) in partnership with various IT companies, including Indian software services provider Wipro and Australian telecom service provider Telstra.

Cisco acquiring cloud infrastructure startup Meraki for $1.2 billion

In a Sunday announcement, bigwig networking company Cisco Systems revealed that it is acquiring the 2006-founded privately-held cloud infrastructure startup Meraki for approximately $1.2 billion.

According to the terms of the acquisition deal, which will likely be finalized in Cisco's fiscal second quarter in 2013, Meraki - which is backed by companies like Google and Sequoia Partners - will become Cisco's new Cloud Networking Group.

Cisco appealing EC’s approval of Microsoft-Skype merger

In a Wednesday statement, bigwig networking equipment maker Cisco Systems said that it is appealing the European Commission (EC)’s unconditional approval to software giant Microsoft’s $8.5-billion acquisition of Internet-calling service Skype SA – a deal which closed in October 2011.

Stating that it does not oppose the Microsoft-Skype merger overall, Cisco said that its chief request to the General Court of the European Union would be to place conditions on the merger, such that Skype video-conferencing service would be required to operate with rival services.

Cisco blasted by judge for 'duplicity' in goading prosecutors

Cisco's attempt has been called as "unmitigated gall" and "duplicity" by a Canadian judge who accused the company of using the same for goading US prosecutors so that they can push forward arrest of one of their former executives. He was the one who had sued the networking giant.

These comments were made by Justice Ronald McKinnon who has also ordered for a stay in the extradition of the ex-exec, Peter Alfred-Adekeye. He had been charged, in US, with close to 97 criminal cases related to hacking into the network of Cisco.

550 to lose job as Flip camera moves towards death

Cisco Systems has finally decided that it will be going to shut down its Flip video camera unit. This is part of its major retreat from the consumer electronics segment and comes two years after it paid $590 million for the same.

The California-based company has also decided that it will be laying off 550 workers as part of its restructuring strategy. But it is not sure whether the Boston unit will be closed or some other part. If that is the case then, employment of 2,000 employees are under threat who are working in that area.

UK is Not Ready for the “Applications of Tomorrow”

An annual study commissioned by Cisco has ranked the UK 18 out of 72 in terms of quality and penetration of net services.

The annual report, which saw the UK at number 25 last year, looks at a number of factors, such as the number of homes equipped with broadband and the quality of the services. That is, the speed of the connection and the amount of time it takes data to arrive at a machine.

Cisco unveils home videoconferencing device

Cisco Systems, has launched its first home-grown product for users, a $599 gadget for videoconferencing from the living room.

The product- umi telepresence will help communicate with other owners of the device and also with users of Google’s free video chat service. In case of 32m US homes who boast of the minimum required upload speed, might be doubling the numbers by the end of 2012, Cisco executives said.

According to Zeus Kerravala, a Yankee Group analyst this product is aimed for the high-end niche buyer who wants quality and security.

BT hits deal with Cisco to launch Content Connect TV platform next year

Telecommunications giant BT has teamed up with Cisco Systems to launch its Content Connect broadband TV platform next year.

San Jose, California-based enterprise networking firm Cisco's Content Delivery System (CDS) will operate BT's Content Connect TV platform, which is designed to augment the online digital content viewing experience.

Commenting on the deal, Simon Orme from BT Wholesale said, "Working with Cisco enables us to offer an efficient, long-term solution and bringing the power of broadband and content together leads to exciting, innovative end user experience.”

Cisco's CDS to be the backbone for BT's Content Connect TV platform

BT Wholesale has announced that it had hit an agreement with Cisco to roll out its Content Connect broadband TV platform in 2011.

Under the deal, Cisco's Content Delivery System (CDS) will be the backbone for BT's Content Connect TV platform.

The deal will allow ISPs to purchase BT Wholesale Content Connect to deliver digital content to PCs, televisions and mobile devices with quality of service of viewing experience guaranteed to the end-users.

The content will be cached, to offer end-users with a steady level of service even at peak times.

Cisco fixes iOS Flaw

Cisco has sorted out a recent flaw that cropped up whilst working on an Internet Work Operating System (IOS).

Cisco pronounced that the bug originated from the IOS router software which soared to form a web blackout for a short period of time, hindering the web accessibly for Internet users last week.

It was group of scientists from Duke University of Durham, North Carolina and Reseaux IP Europeens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC) who found out the bug when they were handing ov er the Border Gateway Protocol
(BGP) data through the IOS.


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