Tate’s loss Britain’s gain

The combat on the parallel sides are going apparently sturdy. A US major snatched up the most revered and adored name in the British food production domain. The silhouette of vagueness has dropped around the long-established UK production plant, curtailing the lamented staff, along with the furious unions and annoyed politicians.

However according to the American Sugar Refining taking over the Tate & Lyle's sugar refining business is not the Kraft-Cadbury also it wasn't also a disgrace to own Kraft-Cadbury. The Cadbury factory came to inception in the

Kraft's Buyout of Cadbury Prompts Review of Takeover Panel

Following the harsh criticism of the £11.5bn acquisition of the UK chocolate-maker, the Panel has broken the long followed tradition of first publishing its own proposals. However, the Panel is now inviting proposals on how the rules can be changed.

Out of the several issues that the Panel would review, the issue of the '50pc plus one' minimum voting requirement for takeovers would also be included.

M&S Chair does not have Carr on the List anymore

It has been reported that the ex- chairman of Cadbury, Roger Carr, has denied drawn himself back from becoming the chairman of Marks and Spencer, while Sir Stuart Rose is expected to leave by insiders before his formal exit date of March 2011.

It is said that Mr. Carr is seeking for better global opportunities, while he was considered as one of the foremost nominees to succeed Sir Stuart as chairman.

Labour plans to introduce ‘Cadbury deal’

Britain's Labour Party, if elected again to power, is expected to introduce new a `Cadbury Law' to protect British industry from being taken over by foreign companies.

Earlier in February, the ruling Labour Party had announced that it was powerless to stop the £11.5 billion buyout of British chocolate-maker Cadbury by American food giant Kraft.

The new rules may insist that big transactions must be approved by two-thirds of shareholders. Currently, takeover deals require only simple majority.

Cadbury in Plans to Open Chocolate-themed Cafe Chain

Chocolate maker Cadbury is reported to be in plans to unveil a national chain of branded cafes on Britain's high streets, as was recently confirmed by the Dairy Milk and Wispa maker.

The cafes - reportedly to be branded Cadbury Cocoa House - are speculated to offer afternoon tea, in addition to a wide range of Cadbury-themed goods.

One novel offer introduced is expected to be chocolate building demonstrations of giant versions of well-known bars such as Curly Wurly and Flake.

Rise in Sales Raise Kraft Foods Profit

Kraft, the maker of Oreo cookies, became the world's biggest confectioner with Chief Executive Officer Irene Rosenfeld's purchase of Cadbury, thereby clinching leading position in emerging markets.

The fourth- quarter profit of Kraft Foods Inc. more than tripled as business improved in developing markets on price hikes, also increasing sales outside the U. S.

Net income rose to $710 million from $178 million and total revenue climbed 3.2%to $11 billion.

Former Cadbury Chairman Carr Feels UK Acquisition Threshold Should be Raised

While speaking at the Said Business School in Oxford last night, former Chairman of Cadbury, Roger Carr, after the success of Kraft's hostile acquisition bid for the British company last month, stressed that it is high time to look at "whether the current rules are fair and helpful to the long-term success of Britain's business future".

Kraft's Incorrect Spelling of Bournville Ignites Controversy and Anger

An official letter from the new owner of Cadbury, the American food giant Kraft, looking to reassure locals has managed to ignite fury and controversy after the company spelled the name of the village, Bournville, incorrectly.

Confused directors from the Cheltenham-based UK division of the US firm referred to Bournville as Bourneville in a letter which was meant for councilor Nigel Dawkins.

Kraft Looking to Put Concerns of Cadbury Investors at Rest

In the documents that have been filed by Kraft with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the American regulator, the US food giant has detailed all the disadvantages for Cadbury shareholders opting to receive the bid totally in cash.

The clarification on the part of the American suitor for Britain's Cadbury has come after reports in prominent newspapers which highlighted the anger expressed by the smaller shareholders of the chocolate maker, after it was discovered that Kraft's bid risked leaving them out of the picture and favoured the bigger shareholders.

Kraft's Cadbury Takeover Attracts Criticism

The raging great-great-granddaughter of Cadbury's founder yesterday said "he would spin in his grave" if the iconic firm would get take over up by US cheese giant Kraft.

Felicity Loudon begged shareholders to reject the 850p a share acquisition offer and urged them to keep the 186-year-old company British in their own hands in memory of her ancestor John Cadbury.


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