BT exposes addresses of 500 would-be customers

The PR firm for the BT Race to Infinity campaign, Porter Novelli, exposed hundreds of would-be customers' data by issuing a mass email to the supporters of the campaign using the CC field instead of BCC (hidden).

The broadband provider emailed around five hundred members of the public who volunteered to whip up interest in the wheeze in their area. BT is going to provide fibre optic upgrades to the five local exchanges where the largest proportion of premises demonstrates an interest.

Ofcom requires BT to offer rivals access to fibre lines

The UK communications watchdog Ofcom has demanded broadband provider BT to allow its rivals to use its superfast broadband network.

The new regulatory structure has been designed to provide a boost to competition and investment in superfast broadband services across the country.

Commenting on the topic, Ofcom’s chief executive Ed Richards said, "This is very, very significant, it is a milestone announcement. This is our most important contribution to deployment."

BT granted customer data delay

High Court has granted Broadband provider BT a stay of execution of passing of the names of private customers to UK law firm.

The lack of stay would have forced BT to hand over the personal details of thousands of its customers accused of sharing copyrighted material to anti-piracy law firm Gallant Macmillan.

BT said that it would fight such court orders until the copyright holders and anti-piracy law firm could prove that accusations labeled by them had some basis.

BT to launch nationwide broadband study

Telecoms giant BT announced that it would carry out a countrywide survey, called Race to Infinity, to determine where the strongest demand for high-speed broadband services is.

The results of the study, which will begin this month and run until the end of 2010, will influence the future investment plans of the company.

The area that will report the strongest demand for high-speed broadband services by early 2012 will get five exchanges installed by the company.

BT embroiled in ACS:Law porn list breach

Broadband provider BT has admitted that it sent details of more than 500 of its customers in an unencrypted Excel spreadsheet via email to anti-piracy law firm ACS: Law, a move that could put the ISP in breach of the Data Protection Act.

The e-mails emerged after ACS: Law triggered severe criticism from privacy advocates and customers by revealing the names and addresses of more than 4000 Sky customers, who allegedly shared adult films illegally.

BT offers free upgrade to fibre broadband

One of the largest telecom company in the world, British Telecom (BT) has announced that it will be announcing a program as per which its customers will be given an option to upgrade to Fibre broadband service, free of charge.

But the option will be available only for the customers who use bundle broadband, phoneline and call services. This means Option 2 and 3 users are going to be provided with the upgrade. For the Option 1 users, the upgrading can be done with a minimal charge.

BT offers fibre broadband upgrade to bundle customers

BT customers who already have signed up to broadband and phone bundles will be upgraded to fibre broadband service, dubbed BT Infinity, for free.

BT Infinity provides customers with download speeds of up to 40Mbps and upload speeds of up to 10Mbps. The telecoms giant has plans to roll out the super fast service to about two thirds of UK households by 2015.

BT said that those customers who will sign up to one of its bundled services will be provided with an opportunity to upgrade to BT fibre services for free when they go live.

BT to upgrade customers to fibre broadband for free

Broadband provider BT has announced that it will allow its Total Broadband customers to upgrade to next-generation broadband for no additional cost.

However, the company remained tight-lipped about when it would make the next-generation broadband service available to the Total Broadband customers.

BT said that those customers who will sign up to one of its bundled services will be provided with an opportunity to upgrade to BT fibre services without any extra charges when they go live. The phone and broadband bundle from BT costs £17.99 per month.

Unbundled lines becomes more competitive than before

New figures released by telecoms regulator Ofcom shows that there are now more than 7 million unbundled lines that offer broadband connections across Britain.

Unbundled lines allow BT’s rivals such as O2, TalkTalk and Sky to make use of its infrastructure to offer broadband services to households and businesses.

The availability of such a large number of unbundled lines is a good new for consumers as it ensures broadband services at more competitive prices.

BT hits deal with Cisco to launch Content Connect TV platform next year

Telecommunications giant BT has teamed up with Cisco Systems to launch its Content Connect broadband TV platform next year.

San Jose, California-based enterprise networking firm Cisco's Content Delivery System (CDS) will operate BT's Content Connect TV platform, which is designed to augment the online digital content viewing experience.

Commenting on the deal, Simon Orme from BT Wholesale said, "Working with Cisco enables us to offer an efficient, long-term solution and bringing the power of broadband and content together leads to exciting, innovative end user experience.”


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