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What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

Flight cancellation happens more often than you think, due to several reasons.

British Airways Plans to Turn Garbage into Fuel With "GreenSky"

British Airways plans to convert garbage into jet fuel with Solena Fuels which is based in Washington D. C. The project will be called "GreenSky"

British Airways hikes fuel surcharges

Yesterday, British Airways (BA) has made an increment in its fuel surcharges by almost 20 per cent. This was done for long-haul passengers only.

Now it has been apprehended that, the rise in fuel will lead to the rise in prices of the ticket as well. That means four people of a family flying economy on a long-haul return will have to face up to £704 in fuel surcharges only. The cost in business or first class will be £1,000.

However, the good news is that, these charges are not applied to short-haul flights. These prices will be executed from Tuesday for all the long-haul services.

BA Deal with the Cabin Crew

The group of labor union representatives has said that they were not ready to endorse a new deal between the airline and the main labor union.

This is said to have put another complexity and delayed all attempts made by British Airways PLC's to put an end to the costly dispute with cabin crew over working terms.

It was said that last month a decision had been made by BA and labor union Unite which were likely to end the dispute and reach an agreement. This deal is said to have made the cabin crew go on for a 22 days strike at the cost of over GBP150 million to airline.

Airline Carriers Lambast Increased Air Passenger Duty

Travel agencies and airline carriers have spoken out against the rising taxation being imposed by the government. The increase in Air Passenger Duty by 50% has been stated to be counterproductive by Companies.

While reacting to the rise in taxation, British Airways has stated that surplus taxation could lead to further pressure being felt on the social and economic benefits of aviation. The Chief Executive of British Airways, Willie Walsh, in an interview to Radio 4 stated that the tax would affect both business and people living in the UK.

Summer Season came as Boon for struggling BA

For the first time in two years, British Airways have shown net profit giving signals of coming out of danger.

Last year economic crisis have also made its impact on the British Airways which otherwise also witnessed internal revolt from cabin crew members.

Though the airways have gone through many flight disruptions due to cloud of volcanic ash, still it managed to announce to a net profit of £158million earned during last six months.

The profit, the airlines earned is more than the double of what was being expected by the analysts.