GKN's profits Boosted by Strong Sales From Aerospace and Automotive Group

A growing demand from the jet -manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus has boosted the profits of Aerospace by 4 per cent to a whooping £56 million. This has helped in counterbalancing the dipping demand from the military as well as the current strong pound.

Boeing conducts second test fight of 787 Dreamliner

Boeing Co carried out a short test flight of 787 Dreamliner to collect more data about the problematic batteries of the beleaguered plane.

It was the second Dreamliner test flight since the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered grounding of Dreamliner's commercial flights on January 16. The earlier test flight was carried out on Saturday.

Dreamliner pilots described both flights "uneventful," while the plane manufacturer declined to share details about the tests because of the ongoing investigation.

Unmanned autonomous Phantom Ray makes first flight

Today Boeing has declared that it’s Phantom Ray unmanned aircraft has made its first fly of its own.

The first model of the unmanned airborne system flew in the sky on the 27th April for 17 minutes.

The model has a striking flying-wing design. Speed of the aircraft is about 178 knots and can fly on an altitude of 7,500 feet. But that is not the end of the news as Boeing stated that the flights are going to start very soon.

Boeing Cotes Healthcare Bill as Factor in Rising Employee Health Insurance Costs

Boeing Co. has announced plans to increase the price of its employee health insurance for the non-unionised workforce. This is apparently in response to rapidly rising costs, which are partly a result of the new healthcare bill. By 2012, employees under a certain type of plan will see their coinsurance payments rise from 10 to 20% up to the out-of-pocket maximum.

Six years old dispute between EU and U.S. will be ruled out today by WTO

Six years back, European Union had launched a complaint against U. S. for aid to Boeing Co. According to EU the aid was illegal and from that point dispute roots between the two.

Today, World Trade Organization will set its first verdict in this case. It is expected that WHO will rule out a decision that may lead to negotiate settlement between the two largest planemakers and will rebalance the situation.

787 Dreamliner Delivery to be Delayed

The Boeing Co. will be incapable of delivering its often delayed 787 Dreamliner till the middle of February next year.

It had been planned by Boeing to deliver its first Dreamliner to Japan’s All Nippon Airways by the year’s end after over two years of postponements.

The firm’s executives have dropped a hint that the delivery might slide into early January.

But in the later parts of Thursday, Boeing gave confirmation that it was delaying the delivery of 787 till mid-February of the subsequent year.