BMW unveils app for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch

Luxury car maker BMW used the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas to unveil an app for Samsung's smartwatch Galaxy Gear.

BMW announced that its environment-friendly electric car i3 will feature a special app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

Equipped with the iRemote App, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will allows BMW i3 drivers to instantly check important vehicle functions, such as remaining range, without taking out a smartphone or opening an app.

BMW unveils limited edition M3 CRT

BMW has brought a new innovation in the automotive industry of late. It has created a new production process for carbon fibre resistant plastic components which can help sports cars to have a weight-to-power ratio of 7.7lbs/hp.

BMW gambling with the sporty looks

A serious challenge has been thrown up by BMW which has said that during this year it will be bringing on the streets 700 of its 1 Series coupes. This would bring in the open the sporty capabilities of the car and also show how it does not require petrol to run it. For BMW, which has been known as a high-performance brand, this means its total brand image is at stake.

BMW has also promised that its ActiveE is going to be a car that would be “100% electric and 100% BMW.” And before it needs a charge, it would have covered 100 miles.

BMW unveils improved versions of BMW 1-Series Coupé and Convertible

Distinguished automaker has BMW introduced the improved versions of the BMW 1-Series Coupé and Convertible, which will hit the UK roads on 26th of March, 2011.

Both of the upgraded versions of the BMW 1-Series Coupé and Convertible feature a new front bumper, modified back lights and improved fog lamps.

Electric Scooters by BMW, Daimler Stolen the Paris Show

It was the electric scooters by BMW AG's Mini and Daimler AG's Smart, which happened to steal away the show on Thursday, at the Paris Motor Show.

The displayed were just the design concepts which according to Executives of both the Companies, will only be made after the public reaction has been caught.

Thomas Weber, research and development member of Daimler's management board said," It's a very attractive concept for us. This is a huge market".

NHTSA Investigating BMW, Mazda Steering Defects

According to a recent report, as many as 342,000 cars manufactured by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG and Mazda Motor Corp are being examined by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The vehicles are being investigated in the wake of concerns regarding steering defects. This fault can cause a loss of control over the vehicle.

On Friday, the auto safety regulator revealed that it is probing 293,787 Mazda3 cars. These vehicles are from the 2007 to 2009 model years. Also, 48,764 BMW Z4 sports cars from 2003 to 2005 are being probed.

Six MINI models gather at BMW’s Oxford factory

Six MINI models were showcased at BMW’s Oxford factory on Thursday 3 June. It was the first time when all the six MINI models were brought together.

Out of the six, three were current and three were future. Current models were Hatch, Convertible and Clubman, while forthcoming models included Countryman which is expected to hit roads in September this year.

BMW drivers are rude, aggressive and prone to road rage: poll says

BMW owners are the worst drivers on the road, a poll of more than one thousand drivers claimed.

According to the British website Compucars. co. uk, apart from being aggressive and rude, BMW drivers show a tendency towards road rage. Moreover, they lack concentration and awareness of others.

Young people were placed forward as the worst drivers as compared with taxi drivers, elderly people and mums.

Drivers of Ford and Volvo cars have been found to be the "next worst" to BMW drivers.

BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics boasts of lower emissions

The BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics car doesn't run on bio-fuel, but it boasts of its lower emission levels. It pumps out just 109 grams of carbon-dioxide during a drive of one km.

Its slimmer wheels and tyres along with a stop-start feature make it environmental friendly by helping it producing lower emissions.

The BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics car has a top speed of 137mph and it can achieve a speed of 60mph in about 8 seconds.

UK Pension Liabilities With Deutsche Bank Laid off by BMW

BMW, the German automobiles manufacturer, has reportedly offloaded a whopping 3 Billion Pounds ($4.6 Billion) worth of longevity risk of its UK pension scheme to Deutsche Bank, in a move which marks the largest ever longevity insurance transaction undertaken till date.

The deal was carried out by the German bank's insurance subsidiary Abbey Life, which was structured in association with Paternoste, the British specialist pension insurer, in which Deutsche is a shareholder, in order to cover the pension scheme liabilities related to about 60,000 pensioners.


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