BBC to bring iPlayer service to Windows Phone

BBC's instant streaming service iPlayer will soon become available on Microsoft's Windows Phone platform also, a spokesperson for the broadcaster said.

Cyrus Saihan, head of Business Development at BBC Future Media, said that the BBC iPlayer would be made available on Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 platforms in the next few months.

BBC Audio Research Partnership Launched Today

Today was the unveiling of the BBC Audio Research Partnership that brought together the BBC and R&D operations and five UK leading universities in audio and visual research. The program was launched in front of a live audience. Those invited were people from the industry and the academia.

Lord Alan Sugar hired to save YouView

BBC along with other territorial broadcasters have come together to hire Lord Alan Sugar for saving the ailing YouView. It is a venture that looks into the business of Internet connected set-top box.

Till now, the company has already cost BBC £6 million because of persistent delays in the business and its execution.

That is the reason why Lord Sugar has been offered the post of Executive Chairman and has replaced Kip Meek, a senior broadcast figure. Kip departed after staying in the firm for a period of eight months alone.

BBC takes full control of Lonely Planet

BBC Worldwide has bought the remaining part of Lonely Planet from its founders. BBC has now taken the full control of the company. BBC had paid £42.1m to the Tony and Maureen Wheeler who is the owner of Lonely Planet. It has been informed by BBC's commercial arm on Friday.

Lonely Planet is the leading travel guide company and BBC had bought the 75% of stake in the year 2007.

YouView’s launch could hit Sky subscriptions

BBC-backed video-on-demand platform YouView will probably hit services like that of BskyB after its launch, a fresh report from Evolution Securities claims.

According to Media analyst Steve Malcolm, digital switchover will bring the subscription-free broadband video-on-demand platform YouView to around 22 per cent of households in the UK, which could hit Sky subscriptions very hard.

Currently, pay-TV market in the UK is dominated by BSkyB, with more than 10 million subscribers.

‘Doctor Who’ debut becomes most watches show on BBC iPlayer this year

The BBC’s on-demand video catch-up service iPlayer recorded a strong growth in the month of November with annual growth of more than 32 per cent and Matt Smith's first full episode as the latest Doctor Who has become the most watched programme on the service.

The Eleventh Hour was streamed by users on the service more than 2.2 million times since its broadcast n April this year. The first episode of Top Gear was streamed 1.6m times, while the first episode of Sherlock was streamed 1.4m times.

BBC iPlayer to be available to BT Vision subscribers

The success of the BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media's cable service as well as on games consoles PS3 and Wii have already proved that consumers are eager to access catch-up TV on their traditional TV sets.

Seeing the popularity of the iPlayer, internet service provider BT has also teamed the BBC to bring the iPlayer to BT Vision subscribers. The partnership to make the iPlayer accessible via the BT Vision IPTV service has been described as a `major advance'.

BT Vision subscribers to get BBC iPlayer

Internet service provider BT has announced his partnership with the BBC to bring the iPlayer to BT Vision subscribers.

The telecoms giant will start rolling out the BBC iPlayer from December. All of the BT Vision subscribers will eventually receive the BBC’s video-on-demand service by April next year.

Subscribers will be able to access the service through the BT Vision programme menu once the work has been completed. The upcoming service has been announced in a joint statement from the two organizations.

YouView moves further towards its launch

YouView, the BBC-led IPTV joint venture that aims at providing subscription-free video-on-demand online service, has move further towards its launch by inviting expressions of interest from providers interested in making their content available on the platform.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has already approved the joint-venture, which wants to upgrade the Freeview and Freesat platforms to support video-on-demand services.

Reasons behind BBC’s decision to make iPlayer a global player

John Smith, the chief executive of the BBC Worldwide, recently announced that iPlayer would be rolled out globally sometime next year.

People in the UK have to pay TV licensing fees every year to access the iPlayer content, but iPlayer in the international markets will try to generate money through advertisements. Howeevr, it is also examining a subscription based model.

There are many reasons for the BBC’s decision to roll out iPlayer in the international market.


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