AT&T to sell Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and ATIV Smart PC from November 9

In a Monday announcement, bigwig US wireless carrier AT&T made a disclosure about its forthcoming offerings, and said that it will start selling two new Samsung devices - the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and the ATIV Smart PC - from Friday, November 9, at its US retail stores.

AT&T announces new ‘Mobile Share’ plans

On Wednesday, AT&T announced its "Mobile Share" plans, which - quite like the Verizon's last month-unveiled "Share Everything" plans - will give the carrier's customers the opportunity to avail the benefits of one single data plan across a number of devices.

While AT&T has been hinting about its "Mobile Share" plans for a few months now, the carrier will start offering these plans from next month. Under the plans, AT&T will offer unlimited minutes for phone calls as well as unlimited text messages. The plans will work with up to 10 devices, with one of them required to be a smartphone.

Cellphone carriers see dramatic increase in surveillance requests

In a disclosure which underscores law enforcement agencies’ increasing reliance on cellphones for tracking suspects or probing crimes, a congressional inquiry has found that, in 2011, as many as 1.3 million surveillance requests were received by cellphone carriers.

According to a New York Times report, the information which the law enforcement agencies sought from the carriers last year chiefly comprised details about text messages, wire taps, and callers’ location. The carriers provided this information either because of legal orders or in emergency situations.

HTC One X to hit AT&T stores on May 6; priced at $200

Taiwanese handset-maker HTC has officially announced that it much-awaited One X smartphone will hit the AT&T stores on May 6; with the pre-orders for the handset to begin from April 22.

Priced at $200, with a two-year service contract from AT&T, the HTC One X will be the first AT&T smartphone to be powered by the latest Android OS version - the Android 4.0 `Ice cream Sandwich.'

AT&T Finally Allows Unlocked iPhones for Out-of-Contract Users

With AT&T's policy against unlocked iPhones - a move which has been in place ever since the company became the exclusive iPhone carrier when the handset was launched in 2007 - coming to an end this Sunday, users of the smartphone will henceforth be able to benefit from more affordable services while traveling overseas.

AT&T new data pricing risks defections

With AT&T having announced its plans to make its new data pricing effective from Sunday, January 22, there are speculations galore that the move may risk defections for the carrier.

AT&T's new data plans - which will have the new subscribers paying approximately 33 percent more for the monthly data plans - are apparently a part of the carrier's strategy to manage annual wireless data growth of around 40 percent as well as benefit from the demand for data-starving devices such as the Apple iPhone.

AT&T searching for new direction after failed T-Mobile merger

After the failure of the proposed $39 billion merger deal with T-Mobile, Dallas, Texas-based AT&T is now mulling back up plans to look for ways to expand its extremely crowded spectrum.

While AT&T had pinned its hopes on the T-mobile merger for relieving a chunk of its spectrum, the failed merger has now left both the concerned companies searching for solution that may underscore a new fruitful direction.

AT&T abandons its $39bn bid for T-Mobile USA

Months of passionate lobbying couldn’t help AT&T to realize its dream of becoming the largest mobile phone operator in the United States by acquiring T-Mobile USA.

AT&T on Monday announced its decision to abandon its controversial $39 billion-bid for T-Mobile USA.

The takeover bid was announced in March, the bid encountered severe objections from the sides of rival like Verizon, federal agencies the U. S. Department of Justice and the Federal Communications Commission and many consumer groups over concerns that the takeover would harm customers by hurting competition in the market.

AT&T talks to sell T-Mobile assets go cold

Marking the strongest indication thus far that AT&T's $39-billion T-Mobile acquisition may fall through, a Sunday report in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has revealed that AT&T has gone cold on talks pertaining to asset sales for getting the merger approved by the regulators.

AT&T starts throttling its top 5% heavy data users

Users in the top 5 per cent of AT&T traffic are reportedly seeing their data speeds cut all the way back to 2G speed as the network provider has started throttling its heaviest data users.

According to CultofMac, AT&T has alerted heavy users of its move via text message stating, “Your data usage is among the top 5 percent of users. Data speeds for the rest of your current bill cycle may be reduced.”

The move comes as no surprise. Back in July, AT&T had made it clear that it would throttle speeds for heavy data users from 1st of October.


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