AT&T to acquire DirecTV for $48.5 billion

Telecom giant AT&T has agreed to acquire satellite TV firm DirecTV in a stock-&-cash deal worth around $48.5 billion, or $95 per share.


AT&T selects two cities for trialing transition away from copper landline phones

Network provider has selected Alabama's Carbon Hill and Florida's West Delray Beach for trialing transition of the company's copper wire line customers to phone service delivered wirelessly or over internet.

The planned trials will have to get approval from the U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). If all goes as planned, the company will carry out transition of all of its landline customers over to wireless or VOIP (voice over internet protocol) delivery for phone service.

AT&T generates $33.2bn in revenue during Q4

AT&T Inc. has reported strong earnings of $0.53 per share on revenue of $33.2 billion for the quarter ended December 31, 2013.

The Dallas-based network provider has also announced that it gained 566,000 new postpaid wireless subscribers during the October to December quarter of last year.

During the company's earnings call, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson, said the company's cash generation had been boosted by both operations and monetization of non-strategic assets.

AT&T adds NFC functionality to Apple’s iPhone

The Incipio Cashwrap case adds a new functionality to Apple's widely popular iPhone - near field communication (NFC), which essentially turns a mobile device into a digital wallet.

It may be noted here that the Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple has not yet equipped its smartphones with NFC chips that enables users to make payments for their purchases at select locations through their smartphones.

Telecom industry price war could cut into operators’ profits

The ongoing price war in the U. S. telecom industry would hurt operators' revenues and cut into their profits, many analysts believe.

Earlier this month, AT&T announced that it would offer up a credit of up to $450 to customers who would switch from T-Mobile USA to its network. AT&T also announced it would also trade in their smartphones.

AT&T all set to offer new Mobile Share Value Plans

AT&T's off-contract customers will be able to enjoy considerable savings on the carrier's various services staring tomorrow, December 8, thanks to the launch of new Mobile Share Value Plans.

The mobile phone carrier has already confirmed that its new Mobile Share Value Plans would be open to all users who have completed their service contract, buy a handset at full retail price, bring a compatible handset to the network, or join the carrier's Next early upgrade plan.

AT&T, T-Mobile considering bids for Verizon Wireless spectrum

Network providers AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile U. S. Inc are weighing bids for a block of spectrum licenses that Verizon Wireless wants to offload, according to a fresh report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The WSJ report, published on Wednesday, said that Verizon Wireless had previously made an attempt to sell a block of spectrum licenses, and that it remained open to a deal. It may be noted here that Verizon Wireless, the largest & most profitable U. S. mobile phone carrier, is a joint venture (JV) of Verizon Communications Inc. and British telecommunications giant Vodafone PLC.

T-Mobile accuses AT&T’s AIO of infringing its trademark

T-Mobile has accused rival network provider AT&T's prepaid AIO of deliberately confusing consumers by using a magenta logo.

T-Mobile said the use of magenta color in the logo of AT&T's prepaid brand AIO Wireless infringed its trademark. The carrier argued that AIO picked magenta color out of all colors of the universe just to confuse customers.

In a filing with the Texas district court, T-Mobile said, "[AIO's] use of magenta to attract T-Mobile's customers is likely to dilute T-Mobile famous magenta color trademark, and to create initial interest confusion."

AT&T introduces PTT service for iPhone

Network provider AT&T on Monday introduced a new application for the iPhone that turns the popular iOS-based device into a walkie-talkie.

Called Enhanced PTT (Enhanced Push-to-Talk), the new iOS app equips the iPhone 5 and 4S with two-radio features.

Users of Enhanced PTT will be able to use their iPhone to talk to one person through a private call and a large number of people via a group call. Like a walkie-talkie, Enhanced PTT-equipped will allow users to switch between talk and listen mode with just the touch of a button.

AT&T to have exclusive rights to sell 64GB HTC One

Mobile phone carrier AT&T has posted details about the upcoming 64GB version of the HTC One smartphone, underlining that it would have the exclusive rights to sell the phone in the US.

AT&T added that it would also offer the phone in both colors - the Glacier Silver and the Stealth Black. The company also showed off two accessories, HTC Double Flip Case and the Morphie Juice Pack, which will be selling alongside the smartphone. For heavy users, there will be an extended battery pack as well.


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