GKN's profits Boosted by Strong Sales From Aerospace and Automotive Group

A growing demand from the jet -manufacturers like Boeing and Airbus has boosted the profits of Aerospace by 4 per cent to a whooping £56 million. This has helped in counterbalancing the dipping demand from the military as well as the current strong pound.

Airbus to come up with transparent cabins and a lot more by 2050

Airplane manufacturer Airbus is planning to make travelling by air a more delightful experience for passengers as they will be able to look to up at the sunny or twinkling sky. The company intends to make planes with see-through cabins. The idea to present the travellers with a cabin will be like a bionic arrangement akin to the competence of a bird bone by four decades from now.

FTSE slipped after crossing 5,900 levels

Uncertainty over A380 engines triggered the slipping of engine maker Rolls Royce shares and the Britain's top shares were pulled down as the investors gained heavily from previous session.

By the 0908 GMT, FTSE 100 slipped by 19.32 points to reach at 5,855.87 but closed at 5,875.19 by gaining 0.4 percent. On Tuesday it just managed to cross 5,900 levels for the very first time since June 6, 2008.

Shares of the Randgold Resources, the Gold miner, jumped sharply after announcing of its third quarter budget but again fell by 2.4 percent later.
The shares of BP also lost 1.2 percent.

Qantas to Continue Grounding A380 Airbuses Following Engine Failure

Australian carrier Qantas announced that it has found "slight anomalies" in its Airbus A380 superjumbo planes; its six-plane fleet will continue to stay grounded for at least another 72 hours. The announcement comes a few days after a Qantas flight was forced to make an emergency landing 15 minutes after take-off.

Airbus surpassing sales forecast

The sales chief at Airbus expressed that the firm shall simply surpass the year 2010 predictions which is up by 300 new plane guidelines and might reach as many as 400 by the year's conclusion.

John Leahy expressed that the aircraft fabricator, which has a plant in Broughton, was about to comprehend Farnborough air show today with approximately 200 orders which is an striking design, finding that how the aviation industry had recoiled back from the global slump.

EU challenges WTO’s ruling in Airbus case

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday appealed against the World Trade Organisation's ruling that member states had given plane manufacturer Airbus illegally subsidies to help it have an edge over its US competitor Boeing.

The WTO report said that European Governments has unfairly financed Airbus through risk-free loans and research & infrastructure fundings.