Technology Sector

Microsoft pens deal with Wolfram Alpha to rival Google

The software giant, Microsoft and Wolfram Alpha have reportedly penned a deal that will allow Microsoft's search engine, Bing to present some of the Wolfram Alpha's specialized computational content in its result pages.

Wolfram Alpha, which prefers to call itself as a computational knowledge engine, was unveiled earlier in 2009 and was considered to have the ability to knock Google out.

Microsoft's increases EU Windows 7 prices

The software giant, Microsoft Corp. has decided to lift prices for non-upgrade editions of Windows 7 sold in European markets starting September 1.

Microsoft will end its offer that allows those purchasing Windows 7 in Europe to get the full version of the operating system for the price usually charged for the upgrade version.

But, only a small portion of the users will bear the heat as a major portion of users will upgrade copies of Windows XP or Vista, for which the prices will remain the same.

Sony offers cashback on exchange of old TVs for new ones

Japanese electronics giant, Sony Corp. on Wednesday initiated a scrappage scheme in UK to boost its sales via encouraging cash-strapped customers to exchange their old televisions for new ones.

Sony said it would provide customers with a discount of as much as £150 off the price of new televisions in return for old ones.

The scheme will be kicked off from August 21. Customers will get cashback of £50 on the purchase of 26-inch Bravia and £150 cashback on the purchase of KDL-46WE5 television.

RIM makes BlackBerry App World online

Research in Motion has come up with an online version of its app store, BlackBerry App World. Current move of the company would make shopping comparatively quicker plus easier.

BlackBerry users can now browse hundreds and hundreds of applications and select the desired one from the available apps through their desktop browsers by making a visit to the official site.

The look of the online storefront is kept almost all the same to that experienced by BlackBerry-users on their handsets.

Facebook, Huffington Post launch news sharing platform “HuffPost Social News”

In a concept quite similar to the last year launch of The New York Times' sharing service TimesPeople, Facebook and noninterventionist news channel The Huffington Post have teamed up and launched the "HuffPost Social News" - a platform that would facilitate the sharing of news stories by users and their friends, on the social network.