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Walmart, Best Buy offer Xbox One/Titanfall bundle for just $449

Two major retailers, viz. Walmart and Best Buy, are offering the much sought about Xbox One/Titanfall bundle for $449, which represents attractive savings of $50.

The suggested retail price of the Xbox One/Titanfall bundle from Microsoft is still $499. What makes Walmart and Best Buy's new offer more attractive is the fact that Titanfall game separately costs $60.

Google takes confrontational stance while dispelling myths about Glass

Concerned about the negative public perception of Google Glass, tech giant Google Inc has made an attempt to address the top 10 myths about the upcoming technology. But, the company defensive tone may not be able to convince everyone, partly because it took confrontational stance.

For instance, trying to dispel myth 2 "Glass is always on and recording everything," the company took a provoking stance and asked consumers to if they keep their other devices always on.

When it came to Myth 6 "Glass covers your eye(s)," Google questioned consumers if they had actually tried the device.

Amazon to launch its own media streaming stick: report

Amazon is preparing to introduce its competitor to Google's recently launched media streaming stick Chromecast, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported.

The reported Amazon product features a dongle-like design; rather than a box-like design like that of Apple TV. Much like its Kindle Fire devices, the Amazon dongle will also run Google's widely popular operating system Android.

Mozilla’s Firefox team grumbles about Windows 8.1 ‘default browser’ complexity

Mozilla's recent decision to stop the development of its Firefox browser for Windows 8.1 was partly because of a complexity linked with the operating system, a Mozilla engineer hinted in a blog post.

Explaining the reason behind Mozilla's decision, Firefox engineer Brian R. Bondy wrote in the blog post that there was a lack of Windows 8.1 testers of its emerging Firefox browser, adding that it did not bode ill with reference to the success of Microsoft's 'modern' or 'Metro') side of Windows 8.1 OS.

Updated Google keyboard brings some much-anticipated features

Internet search giant Google Inc has just unveiled the updated version of its own keyboard for the Android platform that brings a few minor bug fixes along with some much-anticipated features.

The new Google keyboard version 3.0, or more explicitly 3.0.19373, is capable of keeping track of the user's typing habits. But, the most interest feature it brings is 'personalised suggestions' feature that uses data from other Google Apps and Services to enhance suggestions and corrections.

Valve’s new Steam Machine controller boasts several improvements over predecessor

Valve's recently announced next-generation hardware for SteamOS boasts several improvements over the previous version.

Shown off at GDC 2014, the redesigned Steam Controller has ditched the central touch screen, while keeping trackpads. In addition to keeping the unique design of the haptic trackpads that offers a straight away familiar button layout, Valve has equipped the new Steam Machine game controller with traditional face buttons.