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Google acquires fraud detector

Continuing its buying spree, tech giant Google Inc has acquired a British fraud detection company called Spider. io to strengthen its position against growing online fraud.

Neal Mohan, vice president of Display Advertising at Google, said that the company would utilize its Spider. io's technology to improve the quality of its video and display advertising products.


A quick look at Acer’s upcoming Liquid E3 and Z4 smartphones

Acer will soon add two new Android-based smartphones, viz. the Liquid E3 and Liquid Z4, to its lineup of international mobile devices.

The Liquid E3 is the higher end smartphone of the two. It runs on Google's Android 4.2.2 operating system with Acer's Liquid UI overlay. Liquid UI is Quick Mode that replaces the conventional Android home screen with a tile-based launcher. It provides quick access to dialer, messages and other often-used applications.


‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ puts enormous stress on Twitch’s servers

The "Twitch Plays Pokemon" live stream experiment received overwhelming response from gamers that put unprecedented stress on Twitch's servers, the company's customer experience director Jason Maestas said.

Twitch is a game-streaming service that allows users to broadcast videogames to the world. Typically, a Twitch stream offers a passive experience. But last week, the services offered "Twitch Plays Pokemon" that was controlled completely by viewers via Twitch's chat feature.


LG G Flex smartphone: at a glance

South Korean electronics maker LG's flagship smartphone, the LG G Flex, boasts a number of unique features that allows it steal the show from the likes of Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy handsets.

The LG G Flex features a 6-inch curved P-OLED capacitive touchscreen that is also built on plastic substrates instead of typical glass, which supposedly will give the handset better durability. However, its resolution of 720p may be somewhat depressing for some users who really want to enjoy high-quality playback on the device.


Volvo to allow online shoppers to use their cars as mobile delivery points

Luxury car maker Volvo is developing an innovative system that will enable online shoppers to get their parcels delivered direct to their cars rather than their homes.

Currently, there are a number of services like Amazon and eBay that allow you to shop online, but there must be person at home to receive the parcel and sign for the resulting delivery. What is more ironic is that parcels usually delivered during the day when most people are away at work.



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