Media Sector

BBC to cease all 3D programming projects in November

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has announced its decision to cease all 3D programming projects after the broadcasting the 50th anniversary special edition of "Doctor Who" in November.

Kim Shillinglaw, the head of BBC's 3D programming, said the corporation decided to suspend 3D programming because watching 3D programs at home was quite a hassly experience for viewers. She added the technology had failed to take off with the public and it was the right time cease the technology.

SeeSaw video-on-demand television website shuttered

SeeSaw - the UK online video service which went live in February last year - has been shuttered, evidently because of the fact that it failed to offer any substantial competition to the bigger players in the online video market.

The television streaming service SeeSaw was based on the technology that media services company Arqiva developed for the doomed Project Kangaroo initiative; and it chiefly offered content from BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Channel Five and some other production companies.

Virgin Media Announces To Abort Its Services in Westminster Area

Virgin media has claimed that the infrastructure rented from BT has no potential to support superfast broadband, cable TV and telephone services, notified ZDNet. The Company has already notified its registered customers about its plans to discontinue services, in Westminster area, and suggested them to switch to some other service provider before January. Virgin media has announced that after 2012, it would not be offering its services in the London borough of Westminster.

BBC Audio Research Partnership Launched Today

Today was the unveiling of the BBC Audio Research Partnership that brought together the BBC and R&D operations and five UK leading universities in audio and visual research. The program was launched in front of a live audience. Those invited were people from the industry and the academia.

Virgin questioned by advertising industry watchdog

The Advertising Standards Authority has questioned Virgin Media over an online advertisement. In the ad Virgin Media has openly claimed that their rival broadband company is nothing but 'conning' its customers.

Tagline of the campaign is "Stop the broadband con" and it says that with help of Virgin Media the broadband providers can change the way they receive services.

Complaint was filed by BT and Sky on which the decision was taken. As per the current directive, the ad cannot appear on the current form of the website again.

Not much expected from 3D during Wimbledon finals

Wimbledon finals are going to be shown on 3D. But the experts say that a lot should not be expected since this new era does not mean that this would be accepted by the people. It was BBC's idea to show the climax of the event in 3D.

Analysts believe that till now only 42 per cent of the families have got TV sets which are 3D enabled and not much is going to happen in the future. There is no doubt that it is the next level in TV viewing but it is sometime since the same begins to fructify.