NY Times article makes a point on hyper-addictive casual games

In a notably bold seven-page article, the New York Times has attempted to make its point on hyper-addictive casual games, tracing the evolution of these "stupid" games and highlighting the implications of casual gaming on the society.

To highlight the effects of compulsive gaming in a rather unique way, the commentary-like article - authored by Sam Anderson - also has a built-in game which gives the `gamers' the advantage of shooting and blowing up ads, links, and comments on their website.

Xbox reportedly stores users’ credit card data on hard drive even when restored to factory settings

According to an earlier this week report by gaming site Kotaku, a study by the researchers at the Drexel University and Dakota State University has revealed that Microsoft’s popular Xbox 360 gaming console stores the users’ credit card information on the hard drive, even despite the console being restored to its factory settings.

Angry Birds creator Rovio to expand to Sweden

In a recent announcement pertaining to its expansion plans, Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment said that it has plans underway to spread out to Sweden, with the opening of a new development studio in Stockholm.

Going by the disclosure by Petri Järvilehto – the executive vice president of games at Ravio -, the company was “excited” at the prospect of expanding to Stockholm, Sweden, as the move will give it an opportunity to work in one of the “gaming and innovation hotspots” in Europe.

Sony PS3 grabs content IDs when connected to Vita

According to a recent revelation by a hacker, who goes by the handle Hellcat, Sony PlayStation 3 can automatically grab content IDs from the PlayStation Network account of the users, if the console is connected to the company's new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system which was launched in the US and Europe last month.

As per Hellcat, the automatic grabbing of content IDs by the PS3, when it is connected to Vita, implies that Sony will be able to nullify content on the systems irrespective of when it was acquired.

Skyrim bestowed with Spike VGA top award despite PS3 issues

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim bagged recently bestowed with the game of the year trophy at the ninth annual Spike TV Video Game Awards, but the decision was criticized by many on internet forums due to technical glitches in the game’s PlayStation version.

Skyrim, the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, has been praised by critics for its great sense of scale and atmosphere. But, many enthusiastic gamers condemned the decision, arguing the PlayStation version of the game is “broken” and "unfinished".

Rovio rolls out “Birdday Party” update as Angry Bird turns 2

Angry Birds turned two over the weekend and to celebrate developer Rovio has announced the release of a special “Birdday Party” update for the original game.

The free update brings a total of fifteen new cake-filled levels and also unlocks all the popular game’s existing levels to allow gamers to scroll through and play any level they want.

The Birdday Party update also brings a new Orange Bird which propels any object it touches by inflating.