Gaming marks 10th anniversary by changing name to King

Leading social-game developer, King. com is marking its 10-year anniversary by remaining the company has King and dropping ".com" from tis official name.

SimCity with an offline mode didn’t fit Maxis’ vision: Lucy Bradshaw

A SimCity game with an offline mode wouldn’t have fit the developer’s vision for the admired game, Maxis’ general manager Lucy Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw stressed that there were a number of reasons why shed felt SimCity had to be always-online. The reasons cited by Bradshaw include online players’ ability to exchange gifts; and online players’ ability to enjoy social features like challenges and achievements.

NY federal jury finds Nintendo responsible for infringement of Tomita’s patent

A federal jury on Wednesday found videogame giant Nintendo responsible for infringement of Seijiro Tomita's glasses-free 3D technology for 3D, and asked the game maker to pay Tomita $30.2 million in compensatory damages.

The patent suit was filed by Tomita in the year 2011. Nintendo's attorney Scott Lindvall argued that Nintendo's 3DS gaming device did not use the central features of the patent owned by Tomita.

But, the federal jury in New York found that that Nintendo in deed used features of the patent in its handheld 3DS gaming device.

Blizzard breach leaves user data exposed

In a recent message posted to its Battle. net account management service, bigwig game developer Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the personal data of millions of users has been exposed in a Battle. net hack attack.

Nintendo's Wii U coming this holiday season; pricing still remains a mystery

According to recent reports, Nintendo's Wii U handheld console - which has already been through two E3 gaming events - will probably be released in time for this year's holiday season. However, the exact launch date for the console has yet to be officially disclosed; and its pricing also still remains a mystery.

Nintendo answers skepticism about Wii U console with high-powered games

In an evident attempt to answer the widespread skepticism about its forthcoming Wii U game console - which is scheduled for release this holiday season -, Nintendo said on Tuesday that the console will feature high-powered games.

Drawing attention to new titles which will feature popular characters, Nintendo said that the games for the Wii U will largely be from some of the blockbuster franchisees, including "Super Mario Bros.," "Wii Fit" and "Pikmin."