Irrational announces DLC pack for BioShock Infinite

Videogames developer Irrational Games on Tuesday announced the release of the first downloadable content (DLC) pack for its best-selling first-person shooter "BioShock Infinite," and also confirmed that at least two more episodes of DLC were in production.

The new content will allow gamers to once again play the role of detective Booker DeWitt and, later on, as DeWitt's partner Elizabeth.

Microsoft will allow developers to self-publish games on Xbox 360: claims dev

Software giant Microsoft has revised its policies to allow indie developers to self-publish their games on Xbox 360 console, according to a fresh statement from Pinball Arcade developer FarSight Studios.

The statement came after Microsoft's recent announcement that indie developers would be allowed to self-publish on the Xbox One.

Using Gamasutra, the Pinball Arcade developer claimed that the Redmond-based software giant had stated that the new program would be opened in August.

Tetris creator unveils his first mobile game Marbly

Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of the popular block-stacking game Tetris, is now going to try his hand at fast-growing mobile market.

Russian computer engineer Pajitnov on Friday unveiled Marbly - his first game designed predominantly for mobile devices.

As the name of the new game suggests, it has a plenty of marbles; but just like classic game Tetris, the new game also presents a quite simple gameplay.

GameStop’s consolidated global sales drop 6.8%

GameStop, video game retailer that accounts for nearly half of all Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 software sales in the United States, has suffered a decline of 6.8 per cent in consolidated global sales in the last fiscal from the previous one.

The video game retail giant's comparable store sales also slipped 6.7 per cent form the previous year, with a 6.9 per cent decline in the United States and 6.3 per cent in overseas markets.

GameStop's hardware sales slipped 17 per cent, while new software sales declined 12 per cent during the last year.

Vanquish puts end to debate over pre-built vs. DIY systems: Digital Storm

Digital Storm has claimed that its newly launched PC gaming system, the Vanquish, has put an end to claims that the DIY (do-it-yourself) route is better than pre-built systems.

The company claimed that the Vanquish line of gaming PCs has considerably narrowed the gap between costs of pre-built systems and the systems created through the DIY route.

Ina statement, Digital Storm said, "The Vanquish line narrows that gap to a mere $23-$58 difference making the difference a no brainer -- DIY is simply not worth the hassle."

Liberty City and Vice City to be available on PS3

PlayStation 3 (PS3) gamers will soon be able to Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Both Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are basically the PS2 versions, but now they are all set to become available digitally on the PlayStation Network (PSN) to allow gamers to enjoy the games on the PS3.