Energy Sector

Spain’s wind-energy sector struggling since withdrawal of govt. support

Spain's wind-energy sector, which flourished a lot in the 1990s, has been struggling to survive since the government withdrew its support.

Reeling under banking and property crises, the Spanish government abruptly pulled the plug on its support for wind energy sector in 2012. In the same year, Spain had to seek a bailout package of 41 billion euros from the European Union (EU).

Brazilian oil giant Petrobras Surrounded by Corruption Scandals

Petrobras, the oil giant once personified Brazil's economic growth supported by huge discoveries of oil. It shot up to one of the top ranks among the producers of global energy. The management of this company which is controlled by the state once boasted about its market value.

The Big Question: Is Corn Ethanol Actually Worth the Trouble?

Is the biofuel made from corn really helping the environment and the planet? That seems to be a big question now.

Debts may be Cleared With Nigeria oil Deal

Backed by Sean FitzPatrick, chairman of Anglo Irish Bank the probable Nigerian oilfield project worth _1.3bn may help the bankrupt banker's clear their debts of _110m.

British Gas, Bonus Claims To Come Under Probe

'British Gas' denied all claims of it paying its staff a high bonus to inflate its customers' bills. This case will now be scrutinized by Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Green Energy Project in Essex to Generate 1,150 jobs

With Solena Fuels building a multi-million pound energy plant at the Thames Enterprise Park about 1000 construction jobs along with 150 permanent employment options will be created in Essex. This plant will be turning waste into fuel for jets.