EU Financial Chief Promises to Crackdown High-Frequency Traders

Yesterday the financial chief of Europe assured measures to tighten up on high-frequency trading firms.

Today the politicians of Europe are expected to endorse fresh measures to curb HFTs or the high frequency trading firms that use data connections which are super fast to generate profit from whereabouts in the prices of security.


Crawford Gillies Head Remuneration Panel of Barclays

An experienced City figure Crawford Gillies is expected to be chosen by Barclays new chair for its board remuneration committee. This is being observed as an answer to reaction from the shareholders as well as others over the elevated bonuses from the bank in spite of a dip in the profits.


UK Workers Expected to Experience a Real Rise in Pay After Four Years

This week an official data will confirm the fact about British worker's having enjoyed the first true rise in their real pay for the first time in the last four years, where rising wage actually overtook the rate of inflation.


Staffs of Co-op Appeal to Support Myners' plans

Workers of Co-op have appealed to the members of the regional board to support the plans of Lord Myners to refurbish the bothered mutual. Thousands of jobs are at stake they have warned.


Late Easter Blamed for Falling Retail Sales in March

On Tuesday a survey of the retail industry showed that retail sales in Britain experienced its largest yearly fall in March since the month of April in 2013. This unfavourable state of sales that has been seen in the year on year comparison, is thought to have has happened because of the late Easter timing this year.



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