British economy will likely expand 3.1% this year: CEBR

The British economy will likely grow at an annual rate of more than 3 per cent this year, the Centre for Economics & Business Research (CEBR) said in its latest report.


Westcountry enjoys busy Easter

Westcountry economy recorded busy Easter weekend as crowds flocked to the region's beautiful beaches and others attractions on both Friday and Saturday.

Previously, rains across the region and the prolonged closure of the chief railway line at Dawlish due to severe winter storm damage had created fears that fewer people would visit the region to celebrate Easter.


The Truth Behind the Increasing Free Food Demands from Food Banks Revealed

The United Kingdom's biggest free food bank provider, the Trussell Trust, had earlier highlighted a heavily growing demand for emergency food last week. Last night, undertaking an investigation some volunteers admitted that many people could actually take free food with no checks. Among those people many of the visitors were actually asylum-seekers.


US to release Iran's frozen funds

The Government of the United States has said that it is planning to release frozen Iranian funds as the islamic republic honored its commitments made under an interim deal over its nuclear programme.


New Rules of Reform for public contract to Create Greater Opportunities for Small Firms

The chiefs of business have largely welcomed the fresh guidelines from the government which has been planned to make things easier for firms that are smaller in size to bid for public contracts.

Representatives of the small and medium enterprises have been argumentative about the Government sidelining all small firms from public contracts.



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