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Self-employment in Wales grew at twice the pace of growth in the number of people hired by an employer over the past five years, the Resolution Foundation said in its latest showed.

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9 months 2 hours ago

The so-called zero-hour contracts have remained a flashpoint, even as the Department for Work & Pensions insists that they are not as bad as mandatory work activity.

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9 months 17 hours ago

Several prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) have openly announced their support to Ed Miliband's proposal to put British railways back in government hands.

The Observer reported that a large number of Labour PPCs had undersigned Mr. Miliband's proposal to re-nationalise railways.

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9 months 18 hours ago

Farming Minister George Eustice has expressed disappointment over China's decision of putting a temporary ban on British cheese, adding that food inspectors would inspect all factories exporting cheese to the Asian country to demonstrate their high standards.

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9 months 17 hours ago

Supermarket chain Morrisons has issued an apology for using one of the North-East's most familiar landmarks as an advertising hoarding. Morrisons projected a giant image of a French baguette on the wings of the Angel of the North in Gateshead, along with the logo of the supermarket giant.

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9 months 20 hours ago

British parents who helped their adult children in getting on the property ladder are now concerned about their own financial future, according to a fresh report from mortgage lender Halifax.

The report said nearly four in every ten parents who helped their children to buy a house are now concerned about their own finances in their old age, including pension cash.

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9 months 20 hours ago

Economist Thomas Piketty's latest book "Capital in the 21st Century" that severely criticizes growing inequality between the poor and the rich has been commended by a number of experts, politicians and academics; but the book is not without flaws.

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9 months 20 hours ago

Petrol sales in the UK slipped to their lowest level on record in March this year, even as pump prices were at a three-year low, the month was relatively warmer, and the economy was showing clear signs of recovery.

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