Lufthansa may sell BMI to Virgin

German airline Lufthansa is considering the sale of its loss-making subsidiary BMI after getting warnings of downgrade by the rating agencies.

Lufthansa, the second largest airline in Europe, owns 80 per cent of CASTLE Donington-based BMI.

Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that Lufthansa may sell-off BMI in order to lift funds. Reports also indicated that Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic may purchase BMI.

Maserati GranCabrio to be unveiled on 15th September

After several mechanical make-ups, the Maserati GranTurismo convertible is going to be launched on 15th September 2009 at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Maserati GranTurismo, company's first ever 4-seater convertible, is basically a GranTurismo with the roof removed.

Company's new car is powered by a 4.7-litre V8 unit with 433bhp. It is comparatively light in weight and is capable of pick a speed of 0-60mph in approximately 5.5 seconds with a top speed of about 180mph.

BT ends graduate recruitment programme

Telecom giant BT has scrapped its graduate recruitment scheme, adding to the worries of job-seekers leaving universities.

UK's fixed-line telecom provider has held economic downturn responsible for its recent move.

Company's business came under pressure recently when it posted 3 per cent decline in earnings to 1.37 billion pounds for the three months ended June 30.

Earlier in 2009, the company slashed its dividend after posting a fall of 45 per cent in pre-tax profits to 272 million pounds.

Supply shortage of certain medicine causing “extreme distress” in patients

According to a recent survey published on the website of Chemist & Druggist, as many as 50 out-of-stock medicines have become a reason for "extreme distress" for patients, who are facing inconvenience due to the shortages in supply.

In the nearly 150 community pharmacies surveyed, almost one-third reported that patients have been troubled by the shortfall of certain medicines, including those for breast cancer, blood clots, and antidepressants. Nearly 90 of respondents stated they were "very concerned" about the short supplies.

New EU rules ban marketing of sugar-rich cereals with bogus health claims

As per the new European Union (EU) rules, there will be a ban on sugar-rich breakfast cereal firms and other manufacturers with regard to marketing their products as health foods, thereby preventin

“Fat blind” Britons unaware of how “big” they have become!

According to a recent research by WeightWatchers, Britons have a so-called "fat blindness" over the state of their health, in spite the explicit fact that, on an average, they are showing an almost one-pound increase in weight every year!



Chinese ‘Tesla clone’ EV startup Xpeng starts delivering electric SUVs to Europe

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Xpeng, which allegedly copied Tesla technology to some degree, has started delivering its electric cars in European markets.

GRIDSERVE opens first solar-powered fully electric vehicle service station in Braintree, Essex

The United Kingdom’s first fully solar-powered electric vehicle service station called the Electric Forecourt, which is situated close to Braintree in southeast England, has been thrown open to the

Danish parliament approves plan to bring at least 775,000 electric cars on roads by 2030

The Parliament of Denmark has approved a plan to bring at least 775,000 electric cars, including hybrids, on roads across the country by 2030 to reduce greenhouse gases of carbon emissions by more

Most Popular Card Games on Indian Online Casino

Indians have been interested in playing card games from times immemorial and with fast-changing technology, social media and internet communication, card games have advanced to apps and online plat

US presidential election shatters political betting records as Brits trade £600M through Betfair

US Presidential elections have finally cleared the doubts about the next US President in a close race to the White House.

Elon Musk’s “25 guns” to be assigned with task to fix Tesla Gigafactory Berlin

A 25-person Tesla engineering task force, strangely dubbed “25 guns,” will be assigned with the task to fix Gigafactory Berlin, the American EV maker’s massive manufacturing plant that is currently

Austrian skydiver Peter Salzmann tests BMW’s 300 km/h electric wingsuit

Expanding its reach to the skies, German luxury vehicle maker BMW has introduced an electric wingsuit that was recently tested by air sports pioneer Peter Salzmann.