Job Cuts at Worcestershire Primary Care Trust

NHS has announced its restructuring which would alter the fate of many health providers.

There can be hundreds of job cuts at the PCT, a shock for those earning their livelihood through this source. NHS’ Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley stated that there is no assurance to the PCT staff that they would get assimilated into the new system.

Cancer Research UK Finds No Link Between Cancer and Stress

Cancer Research UK has accepted that its team could not discover any direct association of rising stress levels with the onset of cancer in an individual.

In a recent study report, the researchers claimed that increased social interaction between mice reduced the cancer tumours by more than 40%.

Head Information Nurse at Cancer Research UK, Martin Ledwick said that it will be difficult as of now to claim that a similar effect can be observed in human beings as well.

However, he agreed that better emotional support and care can elevate the longevity of the patients’ lives.

Government Warns Youth of Possible Harms in Prolonged Use of Mobiles

The Assembly Government has introduced a new set of instructions to be followed by the youngsters, in particular, while using the mobile phones.

The officials said that although there are no specific justifications on the harmful effects of the use of mobile phones on the health of the users, the warnings have been released as a precautionary measure.

Dr. Tony Jewell, Chief Medical Officer for Wales, said that it is better to take precautions than repenting over it later.

He is thus suggesting the youth to prefer texting over talking directly on phone.

Bapineuzumab Study to Lower Alzheimer's Protein

UK Researchers on Tuesday disclosed that an experimental Alzheimer's drug developed to lower the toxic protein amyloid in the brain might reflect to assist in decreasing tau levels, a toxic protein that results in brain tangles.

The recent data has claimed that the disease engulfs more than 26 million people worldwide.

The study, funded by the Alzheimer’s Research Trust, has unveiled its findings at the world’s largest dementia research conference on a vaccine trial for dementia.

Councils to Grab Advantage From NHS Tie-up

Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley has announced that family doctors will now be in a position to take assistance from the councils for helping the commissioning of mental health services.

The public health is responsible for moving to councils rendering them at its old position.

Local authorities are also obliged to encourage integration between the NHS, social care and public health.


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