Neupogen to Face Further Scrutiny by FDA

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration has asked Teva Pharmaceuticals for further details regarding the drug based on Amgen Inc.'s medicine Neupogen. Following the disclosure of details to the FDA, the drug would be approved.

The Israeli Company, Teva had earlier requested the FD to allow it to introduce its drug for patients suffering from severe neutropenia or a deficiency of white blood cells die to cancer. The Company would be introducing the medications under the name of Neutroval.


Herpes Vaccination by GSK Fails Trial

A vaccine meant to protect women from herpes has failed to clear trials in shielding them against the virus. The declaration regarding the failure of the vaccine was made by the U. S National Institute of Health.

The manufacturer of the medicine, GlaxoSmithKline has stalled the production of the vaccination. The trials were conducted on 8,000 women from the United States and Canada. Despite administering the anti-herpes vaccine Simplirix by GSK, the women fell prey to the virus and contracted genital herpes.


Defective Genes Blamed for ADHD Disorder

Bad bringing up of a kid on the part of parents has been blamed for ADHD disorder among children. ADHD is a disorder that results in hyperactivity and uncontrollable mannerisms in children and is an acronym for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

However, according to a recent study, ADHD has further been attributed to a genetic disorder among children as well. The study was conducted by analysts at the Cardiff University which involved the analysis of the DNA of 366 children with the syndrome and a DNA analysis of 1,047 children without the ADHD syndrome.


Pregnant Breast Cancer Patients Could Survive More

Though tumours in breast of women during the pregnancy and its treatment are considered to be harmful for feutus, a new research talks the other way and revealed that pregnant women affected with breast cancer could endure the treatment better than the other patients of the similar age without pregnancy at the time of their diagnosis.

The findings of the study include that nearly 74% of the women detected with breast cancer during pregnancy survived even after five years of their diagnosis. On the other hand, the survival rate was 55.75% in their other counterparts who were not pregnant.


Medicaid in ‘Boom’ When Nation in ‘Doom’

As brought out by a new report, by the end of 2009 one in six U. S. residents were covered under Medicaid and about 3.7 million people took coverage under the insurance program for the poor in the previous year.

The report was released by non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation on Thursday. The Medicaid participators surged to 8.2% in December 2009 from December 2008 and the total enrollment stood at 48.5 million people in 2009. The reason behind the uplift was the increasing jobless rate and loss of health insurance.



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