Facebook to make changes to News Feed to encourage high-quality content

Social-networking giant Facebook has announced its decision to start distinguishing more and more between different sorts of content to encourage higher-quality content on users' News Feeds.

Lars Backstrom, News Feed manager at the social network, said that the company would look at the source of content to decide whether content is of high-quality or low-quality for a user.


Google experimenting with robots for delivering goods to people’s doors

While Amazon is testing drones for delivering packages to buyers' doorsteps, tech giant Google is reportedly experimenting with robots for the same purpose.

John Markoff of the New York Times revealed in a recently published report that Google is working on next-generation robots, which would be used to deliver packages to customers' doorsteps. The report also said that the project is being headed by Andy Rubin - the former head of Google's widely popular mobile operating system Android.


BBM PIN finding service’s Android launch boosts interest in BBM

The recent launch of Search4BBM's popular BBM PIN finding service for Android is expected to make it a bid easier for the users of Google's mobile operating system to make new friends and find old ones on BBM.

Users can quickly add new and old friends using the service, thanks to Search4BBM that acts as a searchable directory of BBM PINS. Users of BBM platform can voluntarily add their PIN to the searchable directory.


AT&T, T-Mobile considering bids for Verizon Wireless spectrum

Network providers AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile U. S. Inc are weighing bids for a block of spectrum licenses that Verizon Wireless wants to offload, according to a fresh report by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

The WSJ report, published on Wednesday, said that Verizon Wireless had previously made an attempt to sell a block of spectrum licenses, and that it remained open to a deal. It may be noted here that Verizon Wireless, the largest & most profitable U. S. mobile phone carrier, is a joint venture (JV) of Verizon Communications Inc. and British telecommunications giant Vodafone PLC.


Google Glass wearer refuses to plead guilty to distracted driving charge

Simply wearing Google Glass behind the wheel is not against the law, a woman who was issued a ticket in California for wearing the device while driving argued.

Cecilia Abadie, a Google Glass pioneer, admitted that she was wearing the device while driving but argued that the high-tech specs were powered off, which could not have caused distracted driving.

On Tuesday, she was produced in a court, where she refused to plead guilty to the charge.



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