17-Month-Old Jessiah Survives Two Inch Hook that Pierced His Skull

Jessiah Jackson, 17, from North Carolina is being called a "miracle baby", as he was able to weather a serious brain injury.

It is reported that Jessiah fell from a chair at his residence, thus landing on a power washer. A metal hook went two inches inside his skull. Neighbors came to aid and hacked the pipe from the machine. Jessiah was then rushed to the hospital.

Physicians believe that the outcome could have been deadly. They were uncertain if they will be able to save the kid when he was brought to the hospital.

Dr. Anand Germanwala, who treated Jessiah at The University of North Carolina Hospital, told CBS News said, "If there was any injury to that, it could have resulted in instant death. That could have resulted in a massive stroke. That could have resulted in a terrible outcome".

Though doctors were apprehensive before the surgery, fearing the boy would bleed to death, a day after the operation, Jessiah started showing signs of recovery.

Dr. Germanwala said that they had a lot of help from above, and it is God who saved the kid.

Grandfather Joseph Jones, who had lost hope when doctors said that Jessiah is in a critical condition, said that God has given another chance to him.