GM’s Convincing Style of Selling Volt at $350-a-month Lease

Market analysts said that General Motors Co. was successful in convincing a few purchasers to go ahead and buy the Chevrolet Volt after the buyers were informed about the $41,000 cost that they would need to bear and also the firm’s three-year, $350 per month lease proposal on Tuesday.

The new lease makes sure that the Volt is priced with its most comparable competitor, which is the Nissan Leaf, where a buyer is offered the car at a lease deal of $349.

The price of the Volt comprises a down payment of $2,500 whilst the selling price comes down to $33,500 after giving an application for a Federal tax credit, worth $7,500.

Analysts said that the deal will let the buyers take a sigh of relief, who are otherwise worried about purchasing a new car that burns a whole in their pockets at one go, since the car runs on the new lithium-ion batteries.

James Bell, who is the Executive Market Analyst for Kelly Blue Book’s kbb. com said that the announcement will move some hand raisers to cheque writers.

Although, the Volt and the Leaf are comparably priced, but GM is trying to help consumers differentiate the two on the basis of their performance.