Census Statistics Present Uninsured Rates in States

The census statistics for the year 2007 have been issued. The data shows the health insurance coverage of all the states and counties. The data has also shown the estimated impact of the recently approved health-care service.

The report includes the information for nearly 3,140 counties; however, this has not presented the number of people affected by global recession in December 2007.

In this census data, Massachusetts is reported to have minimum uninsured people below the age of 65. There were only 7.8% people in the state, who did not have insurance. The percentage of insurance includes all public and private insurance. Henry County, Iowa and Plymouth County in this state have presented the lowest rate of uninsured people.

On the other hand, Texas, New Mexico and Florida were found to be with maximum percentage of uninsured people. These states had 26.8%, 26.7% and 24.2% uninsured people, respectively. Among all the 14 counties with highest rates on uninsured people, Texas is reported to be on the top. Kennedy County in Texas has almost 50% of people under 65 without any insurance.

The new health-care service passed by the Congress will require all the Americans to have health insurance before 2014. People ignoring this law will have to bear a penalty tax.

According to officials, under this new law, 32 million more people would be insured. The service aims to insure those people in particular who are not provided the insurance by their Companies.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are using these data to help the uninsured and low income group people.