Research: Children Getting Motherly Affection Likely to Cope Well with Tribulations

Children, who get loads of love from mothers at an early age, are better equipped to deal with challenges in life, when they grow up.

The study based on 482 people, also found that toddlers, who do not get motherly affection, do not appear to perform badly in their mid-thirties.

The results were based on the individuals, who were a segment of the US Providence Rhode Island birth legion of the National Collaborative Perinatal Project.

Since a long time, psychologists deemed that maternal affection makes kids more tough to cope with testing times and ordeals in life.

However, previous researches were not able to explore the relationship between a mother and a kid and were just based on good or bad memories.

The findings have been included in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

The researchers fronted by Joanna Maselko, looked at the interplay between 1,000 pairs of eight-month old babies and their moms. They assessed them on a scale varying from "negative" to "caressing" and "extravagant".

The researchers said, "We found that objectively observed high levels of affection between mothers and their eight-month infants are associated with fewer symptoms of distress 30 years later".