Queensland Citrus Striving to Gain Access to US Markets

According to the present pest status, citrus from Queensland has been denied access to the United States. The Sunshine State cultivators are struggling to get permission for exporting citrus in the US market.

Discussions have started to put things right, says Lobby group, Citrus Australia. However, CEO Judith Damiani feels that it’s a lengthy process and will not be sorted out quickly.

She says, "You know, four to six years we're looking at if we can, if everything goes well. It is a bit of a longer term outlook for us. But nonetheless, it does fit in with production levels increasing”.

She added that there a number of non-bearing trees in the state of Queensland and they are also considering promoting other export markets.

In 2005, after the alien disease, citrus canker came to surface; a lot of farmers in the Central Queensland area had to cut down massive number of trees. It was in 2007, when the state was announced free from canker, and replantation efforts were started.

Judith said that due to the pest status, there is no entry of citrus in the US market, in the present situation. While Citrus Australia is trying its best to gain entry in the United States, the process might take four to six years.