Ambulance Almost Crashes with a Train in Canada

A B. C. ambulance and the E&N Dayliner passenger train avoided a drastic crash on Sunday night, on Jacklin Road at Dunford Avenue, resulting in no injuries, only $3,000 fixable cosmetic damages in the ambulance body.

The B. C. ambulance had no patients on board, for the paramedics were rushing to answer an emergency call on the north side of Jacklin Road. The police reports included that the driver committed no error while driving and that he had his Code 3 light and sirens on. The train warning lights were on as well.

The whole accident was a result of the driver facing some difficulties in seeing the train, which was approaching from the south. The driver was driving up a slight hill when he faced the glare of the sun at the intersection. The police reports added that the driver’s 25 years of experience prevented a crisis, as the diver managed to “squeeze” the ambulance between the lamp standards and the train.

Shawn Carby, the Ambulance Service’s Executive Director for Vancouver Island, clarified “They [paramedics] thought the traffic was stopped for them”. Carby also added that another ambulance was sent to attend the initial emergency call, which was the main concern of the Ambulance Service Department after making sure the train passengers and the paramedics were all safe and sound.