NSW Attacked For Not Taking Action

After a report has revealed that the use of unflued heaters in schools poses health risks to students, the NSW Government is under a lot of pressure for not disclosing when it will be replacing these heaters.

Health experts have criticized the Government for not being concerned about the health of students, as these unflued heaters in schools are harmful for children.

Earlier, a study done by Woolcock Institute has confirmed that these heaters can increase the risk of coughing and wheezing in students. It had also confirmed that it did not pose a risk to the lungs of children. It also wanted the Government to seek other sources.

Education Minister Verity Firth has already announced that the Government will be replacing all these 51,000 heaters that are being used in schools across the state. The schools, which are operating in the colder climates, will be the first priority.

The NSW had earlier also promised to replace these heaters from 100 schools functioning in the coldest parts of NSW. It will be costing the Government almost $15 million.

Experts estimate the total cost of these measures to be almost $400 million.

The opposition members have also attacked the Government for not announcing a time schedule for these changes.