Old Age Industry to Take IT Services From NEC

It has been decided by two of Australia’s top aged care organizations to take the services of NEC for their IT related requirements. It will also mean that NEC will be providing these services to various other organizations that are working in the old age care industry.

These two organizations included Aged Care Association Australia (ACAA) and Aged & Community Services Australia (ACSA). They decided to take the services of NEC after a tender process and NEC revealed plans of providing a cloud based approach.

A NEC spokesman stressed that this is the best alternative for this industry as it can significantly reduce the overall costs associated with providing IT services and also make it simpler. They also confirmed that most of the organizations providing these services had limited or no expertise in providing the IT services.

Many aged care organizations across Australia are now using IT services to help their staff and also in various administrative activities. But many feel that it is not easy to make decisions related to the usage of various IT services.

It will also help to provide a better level of IT services and also lead to a lot of savings in hardware costs and offer round the clock technical support for the people working in these aged care centers.