Google to Provide Specific Data to Federal Government Agencies

Google Inc. has entered into a deal with the Government officials, agreeing to pull out a new service undertaking the sale of special email and word-processing to various Government agencies, in a way that the data will be kept aloof from the common users.

However, the Company said that it will not be able to provide as much security to the Government agencies in securing the data, as it does to the customers.

But it has assured of fulfilling the requests of some of the agencies, which are seeking to avoid the "cloud computing" offers.

Meanwhile, the administration is attempting to cut down the Federal Government's yearly budget worth $76 billion. The amount is being solely spent over software and computing.

Google entered into the agreement after it attained the qualifications in meeting the federal Governments guidelines over the online security matter.

Also, Microsoft, which already finds its prevalence in the Government computing system, said that the certification will be attained by it, as well.

"The financial pressures on the government are enormous. Federal, state and local governments are dying to make this transition", said Eric Schmidt, Google's Chief Executive Officer.