FDA’s Nod to Daiichi Sankyo’s Drug: Firm Informs

Daiichi Sankyo Inc., which is a drug manufacturing firm from Japan, on Monday, informed that the FDA had given its nod to sell three-in-one high blood pressure drug, christened Tribenzor.

Daiichi Sankyo said that this pill, which needs to be taken once a day, could make it really simple for many patients to be treated. The drug is a combination of three various medicines, namely hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic that lowers the amount of water present in the blood.

The second drug that has been incorporated into Tribenzor is amlodipine, which is a drug that helps in blocking calcium from entering walls of blood vessel and the third drug is, olmesartan medoxomil that helps block chemicals, which actually can tighten blood vessels.

At first, amlodipine was marketed by Pfizer Inc. under the market name of Norvasc and Daiichi Sankyo sold olmesartan medoxomil under the market name, Benicar.

The approval that has been given to the drug is on the basis of results seen of a trial on 2,492 patients, who were given the new drug. It was able to produce a noteworthy decline in systolic blood pressures that was measured after eight weeks of given treatment in contrast with its each and every dual-drug element.