AstraZeneca’s Blood Thinner Effectiveness Questioned by FDA

AstraZeneca PLC., which is the maker of drugs, such as ticagrelor that helps in stopping clotting of blood inside the body is being questioned by the Food and Drug Administration.

The firm is awaiting FDA’s authorization for the drug that helps in preventing instances of cardiac arrests and many other heart troubles in patients, who are diagnosed with the uppermost stage of coronary syndrome.

The brand name for the drug that the firm has proposed is, Brilinta.

The reason that FDA regulators are questioning the effectiveness of the drug is due to the low level results of drug seen through a study in the U. S. as compared to that of the other nations.

At present, the blood thinner market is under Sanofi-Aventis SA and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co’s Plavix’s supremacy.

The drug will go through a review process under which the FDA will scrutinize the product, particularly be checked by the group’s cardiovascular and renal drugs advisory committee.

The squad of experts will then offer their vote on whether tricagrelor should be given a green signal or not.

Brilinta just as Plavix, is designed in such a way, so that blood platelets do not stick with each other, because that leads to blood clotting, resulting in cardiac arrest or stroke.