Womb Cancer on the Rise in UK

A Charity Cancer Research report has claimed that the likelihood of developing womb cancer in women across Britain is highest in those aged above 30 years.

As per the figures released in the report, number of women suffering cancer rates per 1, 00,000 women, has risen from 13 in 1975 to 19 in 2005.

The figures have indicated that as many as 7530 women suffer womb cancer in the UK annually. On the contrary, the number was found to be 4813 until 1993.

The researchers said that the greatest cause for rapid increase in the number is the upshot of obesity in the country.

Womb cancer has been defined as one of the most common types of cancer across the UK. It claimed more than 1741 lives in 2008.

In the last 10 years, the disease has emerged as the second most common cancer form among women, after skin cancer.

"These figures show that we're still seeing a year on year rise in the number of women diagnosed with womb cancer”, said Sara Hiom, CCR’s Director.

She added that the best way of preventing the development of womb cancer is to reduce weight and prevent obesity.