San Francisco Mulls over Ban on Pet Sales

City officials from San Francisco are reported to be mulling over imposing a ban on sales of almost all the pets. However, the commission is slated to witness voting on the ban in August. The Board of Supervisors will participate following the results of voting.

If the ban lands in its effect, one would not have any cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, macaws, parakeets, cockatiels, or finches up for sale.

The main driver of the law insinuated when concerns related to the sale of cats and dogs and to shun puppy mills and kitten factories cropped up.

Such prohibitions were incorporated within the last 18 months by South Lake Tahoe and West Hollywood. Now, Austin and El Paso are pondering over enforcing similar laws.

Rebecca Katz, Head of San Francisco's Animal Control Department, believed that ban imposition could assist in giving away with her shelter's main problem: Hamsters. Prohibition on their sale could curb such death rates, she highlighted.

The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council has been reported to post an earnest urge on its website in a bid to seek robust support for those who consider keeping pets as their right. He has outlined that one could contact San Francisco officials for expressing their agitation towards this anti-pet commission.