HTC’s Sense UI Planned with Windows 7 and Android 3.0

Microsoft's claims of standardizing the user experience of Windows Phone 7 has been heard about for quite some time and now, HTC stated it is under plans in regards to bringing HTC Sense to the approaching Windows 7 phones, skinning the smartphones in the similar way that has been done to Android handsets.

Also, along with that, HTC is all set to offer the Sense UI for Android 3.0.

Drew Bramford, speaking about the Sense UI for Windows 7 said that the core Windows phones experience cannot be alternated but yes, the experience will become a lot better in a number of ways with the firm's hard work.

As far as Android 3.0 is concerned, it is alleged that Google is in process of creating an experience for the users that reverses the requirement of added skins, making all the rest upcoming operations, almost worthless, which also comprise MotoBLUR and TouchWiz.

It will definitely be very thrilling to see what HTC comes up with, when it finally launches Windows 7 Phone. The maker has been toiling to devise some really impressive phones for the buyers.

Taken into consideration Windows 7 up to now, it has not been able to make a mark in the fraternity but with HTC's innovation, Windows 7 may see a spice up, helping it become a rage.