PC Manufacturers Coming Up With Media Pads to Compete with Apple

News reports are doing the rounds that a lot of PC manufacturers are in the process of coming up with a product similar to Apple's iPad.

Since, Apple's products rule the market; the makers do not have any option but to launch products that can compete with Apple. So, it's not just about a Mac, but Apple's all offerings - iPod, iPhone, andt he iPad.

Analysts are of the view that laptop sales will be hugely affected by the media pads. Their reports reveal that in 2011, the sale of iPad and other tablets will see a surge, and it's likely that it will lead to a plummet in the sale of laptops.

Apple's iPad entered the markets in April. It's a wonderful device with novel features. This 10-inch media pad works without Windows or Intel, which are said to be the heart of the PC world.

To compete with this popular gadget, other makers have launched or are coming up with their own pads. HP's highly-awaited PalmPad is a slate gadget and bears resemblance to the iPad. It does not have a PC operating system.

Likewise, Motorola and RIM's products will hit the markets. After Motorola's large Droid X smartphone, a tablet is likely to arrive later this year. A BlackBerry tablet from RIM will be released soon.