Joan Bakewell Gets an Insight of the Old Care

Care of older population has been a matter of great significance among all the policy makers. Recently, broadcaster Dame Joan Bakewell met many aged people in Dorset personally, and got an insight about their needs and services that they get. She talked to local authorities as well, in order to find out that what the authorities are doing to fulfill the requirements of the senior citizens.

Bakewell was the Government's Voice of Older People, earlier.

This investigation is carried out for a top TV current affair show, Panorama, which would be telecasted, today. The program will focus on the quality of services given to these old people in Dorset and will also show what the Government should do to meet all the needs.

"We were pleased to take part in the Panorama program and to share with viewers how Dorset is managing the pressures of an ageing population", said Andrew Archibald, who is the Chief of older services at Dorset County Council.

It is expected that the public spending cut by the Government will also cause the loss of £7 million to Dorset County Council's adult and community services budget. Old people make more than 28% of the total population of Dorset. The percentage is assumed to be increasing in the years to come.