Mass Effect 2 System Requirements Revealed

The long awaited PC requirements for the PC version of the Mass Effect 2 have finally come out and it has been accompanied by the unexpectedly basic DRM that is to be employed in the sequel by BioWare, which is significantly quite less.

The PC requirements specify that the operating system should be Windows XP, Windows Vista or the latest Windows 7. The processor required would be Intel Core 2 Duo with 1.8GHz or even a corresponding AMD CPU. The memory RAM requirement is about 1GB for Windows XP and double of that for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The hard drive capacity is about 15 GB.

There is also a new thrill for gaming freaks as Tali, the brilliant and soft-spoken machinist is coming back into the Mass Effect 2, and she is the only known face so far as she joins a cast of new comers, which has been growing. The role of Tali is not really clear right now and it is assumed that she is going to have some trouble with the Quarian, as the reports from the trailers suggest.