Tests: Bore Water Found to Contain Low Chemicals Levels

Cougar Energy's Kingaroy plant is witnessing its weeklong closure following revelations of low levels of benzene and toluene in its ground water at its plant, in addition to a neighboring property.

However, results for the further test performed on the gasification plant in Queensland's south Burnett region are out and have shown safe levels of chemicals in bore water that are linked to boosted cancer risk.

In addition, a couple of other tests performed last week have identified benzene levels to lie in a safe category at one bore on the site, however, claimed to find no chemical traces at nine other bores both on and off the site.

The Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management posted that the second bore located off the site tested showed the toluene levels to lie in extremely low level category.

The Company at the centre of a water contamination scare in Queensland, Cougar Energy, is reported to have shown doors to its workforce.

In addition, the authorities have reportedly stopped a pilot project being run its underground coal gasification trial near Kingaroy, following reports on low toxin level in bore water supplies.

The department has recommended the residents within the two-kilometer exclusion zone not to make use of the ground water.