EEE Parks Concerns in Massachusetts

After a horse had to be put down after contracting Eastern Equine Encephalitis - or EEE on a Middleboro Farm, it has raised concerns about the disease in the southeastern part of Massachusetts.

Medical experts are stressing that authorities need to take effective steps to ensure that the disease is not spread across the state.

The horse owner stressed that after he noticed that the seven month old horse was not able to even stand properly after contracting the disease and had to be put down. The young colt was put down on July 21.

Robert Yunits, the horse owner stressed that he took every possible precaution to ensure that the horse does not contract any illness. He also revealed that the horse was worth almost $ 30,000. He also confirmed that the horse was inoculated to prevent a disease like this.

Health official’s stress this infection is not a good sign and it may lead to many more infections that could result in Eastern Equine Encephalitis.

The prevailing weather conditions have also made it an ideal time for the growth of mosquitoes.

Authorities are instructing people to drain standing water from their homes and farms and also use mosquito repellant and wear long sleeves to ensure that they do not contract this disease.