Colorado Takes Initiatives to Control Medical Marijuana

Matt Cook faced a different type of challenge when he was made Chief Revenue Enforcer of Colorado three years ago. Even though, he thought that his job will be an easy one, he had to face a lot of challenges and problems.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Colorado almost 10 years ago. But most of the medical dispensaries selling marijuana have started to pen in the last three years only.

According to the official estimates, there are currently more than 1,100 dispensaries across the state selling medical marijuana. Some of the dispensaries are offering different forms of cannabis including marijuana-infused products and delivery services.

Many people were alarmed by the social and economic coasts of these enterprises and everyone expected Matt Cook to take a firm stand.

But, Cook has ensured that the medical marijuana industry has now turned into an industry that is legal and respectable. The various initiatives started by him have also generated a lot of praise from the various quarters.

Cook has revealed that he has drafted a stringent plan that tracks the entire process from cultivation to sale. Other states are also expected to adopt these measures and are also seeking the opinion of Cook for adopting these measures.

Many more states are expected to legalize marijuana in the coming days.