Intel Ties With Nokia, Worries Arise About Wintel

It was declared by ARM today that Microsoft will be licensing the IP architecture of the commonly known processor of its unit. There have been speculations that this move is a reply for the decision of Intel, which earlier said that it is working to launch Meego along with Nokia, the world’s biggest handset maker.

With today’s announcement, questions are arising about “Wintel”, the unit that both created together. This is clear, as on one hand where Microsoft is tying up with other manufacturers, like VIA, AMD and Cyrix; Intel has been backing others including Mac and Linux.

It has been reportedly said that earlier Intel revealed that the decision of launching Meego with Nokia, was a result of the annoyance that seeded due to the lack of support from Microsoft regarding the Atom platform. Nothing much has been said and the reason is unclear regarding Microsoft’s decision of not taking up Windows 7 for Intel’s need.

Both the Companies, have always avoided interfering with each other’s decagons after this, as both are aware that if anyone does that, it would be equally bad for both.

After the combination of Intel and ARM, Microsoft needs to be more vigilant, as the two major opponents in the mobile market for Microsoft i.e., Android and Apple already have the ARM hardware license.