Untreatable Herpes Threatening Kent Oysters

Recently, the experts have warned that the herpes outburst is putting the stock off coast of Kent at risk. This has been said after the samples tested from the Pacific oyster species, which were collected off the coast of Whitstable, were tested positive for a type of herpes.

This test was informed by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science. Therefore, in order to stop the spread of the deadly virus, the transfer of oysters have been restricted across Swale, north Kent coasts and Thames.

This news is bothersome as it is for the very first time that this untreatable virus has been found in the stocks of Britain. This matter came into light after a Company, Seasalter Shellfish, found relatively higher mortality rate among its Pacific oysters stocks. This issue was then investigated in details by the Department of Fish Health Inspectorate.

The Managing Director of this Seasalter Shellfish, John Bayes, opined that it was nearly a total eradication of the shellfish.

He also shared that this was a severe blow, as the Company had put much of its financial efforts to that particular area of business.

Also, according to the Cefas Spokeswoman, this virus is incurable and that it caused deaths of a significant number of oysters in France, Jersey and Ireland. She added that it has not caused any harm to human beings, as of now.