BA Accuses Qantas for Involvement in Freight Price-Fixing

British Airways has accused Qantas Airways of getting involved in an air cargo price-fixing alliance. However, the Australian carrier has declined to comment on the issue and is waiting for an official confirmation.

The Times has revealed that BA has confirmed its involvement in the issue.

The report also disclosed that BA has taken legal action against 24 other airlines. The British carrier is of the view that these airlines should also pay the cost of the possible losses incurred in the freight price-fixing cartel. Sources reveal that 250 Companies have filed a suit against the UK carrier.

The report highlights that many topmost Companies in Europe are also involved in the issue. These Companies include H&M, Philips, Ericsson, Michelin and IKEA.

In order to charge these airlines, BA has issued proceedings called the "Part 20".

Experts are of the view that the accusation against Qantas has come as a surprise because the two carriers had a close association.

The Australian carrier has to pay fines worth millions of dollars back home as it's being charged for the involvement in the freight cartel.

Earlier, the Company was fined $20 million for its role in the cartel between 2002 and 2006.